• Types of braids. The most original and beautiful hairstyles with pigtails do it yourself

    There is no better known female hairstyle than a braid. Since childhood, each girl's mother braided her hair and we all know how to braid it. But the knowledge of many girls about braids is greatly limited by several of their most common types — a simple braid of three strands and spikelets (or as it is also called the "dragon").

    But now the diversity of types of braids has increased many times. Today you can find a huge variety of different weaving techniques. And how many various hairstyles can be invented, even if you can weave only the simplest braids.

    In general, a braid is a great way to diversify your everyday look. Hairstyles can be changed at least every day.

    Of course, there are the simplest hairstyles, but if you have a desire and time, you can spend it on creating some kind of original braid.

    Let's start with the simplest.

    1. Simple braid of three strands.
    Most likely, even children and men are able to braid a simple braid. I think it makes no sense to explain in words how to weave a braid. Better to see once.

    2. String
    The second most popular variety of braids is the so-called "spikelet" or "dragon". In general, it’s right to call such a braid French. To braid such a braid also does not require any special skills or adaptations.

    3. The spike is the other way around.
    Spikelet on the contrary or the Dutch braid looks very original. Due to its volume, thanks to a special weaving technique, such a hairstyle looks very attractive and unusual, especially if you come up with some original hairstyle.

    4. Fish tail.
    A very popular and widely known species of fishtail braids. Due to the interweaving of thin strands, the original effect of fish scales is created.

    5. A flower from a braid.
    Not many people know that from an ordinary braid you can make a very original flower or even several. This type of braid will definitely not go unnoticed.

    6. A braid from plaits
    An unusual braid of plaits can be braided only on long perfectly even hair. If you have a haircut, such as a cascade, then such a braid is unlikely to look aesthetically pleasing, since hair of different lengths will come out of the braid. In this case, you need to resort to the use of styling products to "glue" the hair.


    A very beautiful hairstyle from braids called "waterfall". This type of braid can be braided on hair of any length.


    8. Braids from knots.
    Now there is such a kind of pigtail braid from knots. There are a lot of techniques and types of weaving of such braids, they are all very diverse and can differ significantly from each other.